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Five minutes with Kim Phuong Vo

This week we interviewed Kim Phuong Vo.  Kim is a heavyweight succulent collector from Perth, Western Australia. She collects and imports her succulents. If you're a local, you are lucky because not only does she grow amazing succulents, she sells them too. I asked her five quick questions and this is what she had to say:

When did you start collecting succulents & cacti?

I started collecting Adenium Obesum 25 years and over ten years of other Succulents.

 Frills and carunculated Echeveria
Her collection of frills and carunculated Echeveria.

You have a jaw dropping collection of succulents and cacti. Are they for sale?

I am a member of Cactus and Succulent Society of Western Australia (CSSWA) and we have two big sales every year. The only reason I need to sell my excess is to feed my addiction! =)

Monanthes Polyphylla
Her favourite miniature succulent Monanthes Polyphylla . She grows them in her shade house and keeps them moist. They grow all year round.


What are your top 3 succulents & cacti?

Besides Adenium, my other top 3 favourites are Echeveria Agavoides, Haworthia and Crassula.

Echeveria Romeo
Echeveria Agavoides ‘Romeo’. He's only 6cm rosette, a year and a half old leaf grown.


You mentioned that you imported some of the unusual succulents.When did you start importing succulents and cacti?

 I started importing succulents less than 2 years from Eastern States not overseas.


Echeveria Hybrid called New Height
Echeveria ‘New Heights'. A gorgeous Dick Wright Hybrid, named by Beverly Spiller.


What advice would you give to someone who is interested to import plants?

It's not cheap to import plants especially if you live in Western Australia but my advice is go for it and fulfill your dreams.


 Cotyledon tomentosa ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Bear’s Paws
Cotyledon Tomentosa Variegata - Variegated Bear's Paws


Thank you Kim for your time and if you want to see her collection, follow her on instagram @kimphuongvo10


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