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Five Minutes With Kokedama By Jac

Meet Jacqui King, who started making kokedamas for family and friends and then launched her brand. Before she knew it she was making custom orders, selling at markets and running workshops. Last year, she was featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin and @thevintagebrocante  blog. I asked her a few quick questions about making kokedamas and her workshops. Here is what she said.


Peperomia Kokedama

Peperomia clusiifolia ‘Jellie’ (Variegated Red-edge Peperomia (Source:Instagram)


You have hosted a lot of workshops. What is the most satisfying part of running these events?

I love hosting workshops as I love sharing all things kokedama.  I’ve learned a lot through trial and error and I love sharing that knowledge with others.  I get so much out of the workshops – the most satisfying would be seeing the look of satisfaction of the participant’s faces when they make their kokedama.  They are proud as punch and often keep in contact with questions and photos of other kokedama creations they go on to make – that makes me so happy.  I provide a relaxed and enjoyable event whereby participants have the opportunity to disconnect from the real world for a couple of hours and focus on making something with their hands and create something really beautiful.


Kokedama Workshop by Jacqui King
Jacqui King in one of her workshops (Source:Instagram)


When you make a succulent kokedama, I found that it’s hard not to leave marks or break the leaves, any tips on how you keep it intact?

Like any plant, it can easily getting knocked during the kokedama making process or transporting it.  Succulents are particularly susceptible to damage because of the structured leaves.  It can be a bit tricky.  Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way of completely avoiding some damage except for trying to be gentle and careful.  I usually try to avoid the leaves and lift and hold the kokedama by the (moss) ball itself and transport it in plastic containers with some sort of padding to ensure it stays upright.  If a leaf is bumped and broken off completely, all is not lost, succulents are fantastic at propagating and re-growth will surely ensue with a baby succulent (or babies!).


Succulent Kokedamas


What are your most popular items that you have sold so far?

Hard to say.  I would say succulents and pothos varieties are the most popular – both are low maintenance and their look striking – succulents popular for their structured rosette appearance and pothos for their generous leafy trailing vines.

I give each client specific care instructions for each kokedama they purchase including advice on the various watering methods and how to prolong the life of the jute twine.

Indoor Plants Kokedamas


Have you ever considered selling your succulents online?

I currently sell my kokedama via my social media pages, custom orders and at markets.  I do not have a website at this stage.  New clients can contact me direct via social media to place an order, ask questions or (for those that live nearby) pop over to my house to have a closer look.

I love succulents, they are definitely a favourite of mine and I have several varieties in my garden (but could always do with more, right?!).  For personal use, I do propagate succulents but do not sell any currently.  To do this successfully I would definitely need a bigger yard and balcony (aka my workstation!).


The Vintage Brocante Market
The Vintage Brocante Market held twice a year (Source:Instagram)


Do you have any workshops coming up?

I do have workshops coming up but am still in the process of securing dates with a venue.  As soon as the dates are confirmed, I will promote via my social media pages. 

Kokedamas Workshop
The workshop is limited for a small number of people (Source:Instagram)


Thank you Jacqui for your time. Follow Jacqui on her facebook or her instagram to find out more about her workshops. For the locals head out to @thevintagebrocante this weekend. They have fresh flowers, kokedamas, clothing, vintage ware, furniture, bags, homewares and all things bespoke, upcycled, recycled, repurposed for home and garden.

The Vintage Brocante Market
Sunday 3 June 2018
Canungra School of Arts Hall
9am - 2pm

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  • margaret watson

    Lovely work, great interview again Jules.. Your Kokedama’s are gorgeous, I am a hobby Kokedama maker. Love them dangling around my shade house.
    The saucer underneath is gorgeous too..
    Well done with your Kokedama’s Jac x

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