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Five Minutes With Little Prickle Farm

Earlier this year - after going through a terrible summer - I decided to focus more on Agaves and Cacti. Then I came across  Robbie, the owner of Little Prickle Farm in Queensland. She has hundreds of mature plants including Aloe Barberae Trees, Barrel cactus, and jaw dropping agaves. I  asked her if she would spare a few minutes to discuss about her farm and this is what she said...

How big is the farm and how did the Little Prickle Farm (LPF) idea start?

LPF is on 5 acres located in gorgeous Palmwoods Sunshine Coast. I started collecting cool different prickles twenty years ago, driving hubby crazy hehe.. It got totally out of control and we soon outgrew our suburban block near the beach and had to move out to acreage lol =)

Then I just started propagating from my mother plants and LPF just grew from there.


Little Prickle Farm
Ready for pick up or delivery

You have a lot of mature plants. How old are they and what is the oldest one?

I've been lucky enough to be able to buy whole cactus collections off old collector friends in the past. Our Biggest Dragon Tree which is in the middle of our roundabout is over 40 years old and a lot of our big golden barrel cactus and Ferocactus Glaucescens Barrels are over 30 years old.

Sometimes I find it hard to sell them because I know how hard they are to replace. You can never have too many right??? =)

Little Prickle Farm

Do you import plants or grow them from seed?

I've never imported plants. It all sounds too hard and expensive. I totally suck at growing from seed, but I'm going to keep trying lol =)

Agave Attenuatta, Agave Snowfall, Agave titanota medio picta
Top: A. Blue Flame Variegated and A. Potatorum Snowfall
Bottom: A. Attenuata Variegated and A. Titanota Medio Picta, 
LPF_Agave rum runner Agave Joe Hoak Agave Huacensis
Top: A. Parryi Huachucensis and A. Joe Hoak with terminal flower
Bottom: A. Potatorum Medio Picta and A. Isthmensis Rum Runner
Little Prickle Farm Agaves Collection
Top: A. Sunglow and A. Potatorum Variegated
Bottom: A. Titanota Alabaster White and A. Snow Glow

What is your favourite agave/cactus?

Oh Gosh, there are sooo many I love haha. Favourite Agave would be my BIG White Rhino. Favourite cactus would probably have to be my monster Fero called Mr Hook.

Ferocactus Fish Hook
Ferocactus Fish hook
Agave White Rhino
Agave White Rhino

What is your choice of pesticides and what fertiliser do you use?

I actually don't use pesticide. I use a premium slow release fertiliser called Florafert which I mix through our potting mix with perlite. About once a month in the growing seasons, I use a liquid fertiliser. It's a commercial grade one called Essential Plus 1-0-1 100% Natural Rooting Substance and Biostimulant. All organic ingredients.

Essential Plus 1-0-1
Thank you for your time Robbie. If you have any questions, follow Robbie's instagram @LittlePrickleFarm.

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