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Five Minutes with Margaret Watson

I've been following Margaret from the day she uploaded a picture of her garden house on instagram. She's a very creative person and not afraid to give it a go. Her garden in Adelaide looks like a picture off Pinterest but in real life. She does terrariums, kokedamas, arrangements and even pottery.

I asked her a few quick questions and here's what she had to say:

Margaret Watson Arrangement
110 year old Metal Wash Tub planted out with Succulents and Cacti (Source: Instagram)


What are the challenges growing succulents/cacti in Adelaide?

Challenges of Succulent growing in Adelaide is like anywhere I suppose in the summer.. But really, it is not too bad. I managed on very hot days or during heat wave by using a couple of Cafe umbrellas.

What is your most prized succulents/cacti?

Most Prized succulents is my Dessert Rose. Rescued it last winter from a big store, rot had set in. I cut out the rot, after watching a clip on how to care for them, anyway it is still going. Why I love the Dessert Rose, I saw them growing out of freely over in Bali, they were hip height and looked like a Bonsai.

 Margaret Watson Pottery
Making her own pots (Source: Instagram)


How long have you been doing pottery?

Started pottery way back in 1985. I did a course, then for a stint, worked in a pottery studio with 4 other potters, all male, that was interesting. I learnt a lot, made mugs, hundred of mugs. Pottery is fun, creative and fantastic throwing on the wheel.

Do you have any tips for someone who's interested in learning pottery?

The main thing I think is patience and patience, constantly try say 6, prepared balls of clay on the wheel. All of a sudden, you get the knack of centering the clay. Then it is easy to open it up, spread out and do the sides. Centering is the key to making good wheel thrown pots.

Some facts about Margaret Watson:

  • Margaret had 20 years off from doing pottery, she's just returning last year.
  • She had a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in 2014. First she had an aneurysm. Then, she had a Subarachnoid Hemorrage - coils in her brain and skull cut opened as the brain was swollen. She is now recovered and going strong. Her attitude is "no time to waste, do what you can, while you can".
For more information on her kokedama workshops or even just to get some fresh ideas for your garden, follow her on instagram @thefallen_leaf_, facebook or her etsy account.

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  • Tracey Toby

    Well done Jules. A lovely story about an interesting & talented lady. Nice to put a face to the name.

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