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Five Minutes With My Succy Life

This week we interviewed a passionate succulent collector, Emma @mysuccylife from Queensland. Recently, she teamed up with Amanda Switzer @planterina to post a photo of a different plant daily. I asked Emma a few quick questions and this is what she had to say...

How long have you been collecting succulents and what was your first plant?

I have been collecting succulents for 3 years, my first ever plant was what is commonly called Sedeveria Starburst.


Emma tweezers the dead leaves off all her plants and she also does it to her friends plants if they have dead leaves (Source: Instagram)


What is the most challenging part of growing succulents in Queensland?

Hardest part about growing succulents in Queensland is the heat - even winter sun can burn my plants.


Emma's Plant CollectionSome of Emma's collection (Source: Instagram)


What are your most prized plants?

Plants i most prize? Hmmm. All my less common echeveria such as lilac spoons, cubic frost, pinwheel revolution, domingo, raindrops, chihuahuensis, lauii.


Echeveria Cubic Frost Simply Succulents Australia  hooked her up with this Echeveria Cubic Frost that she had been longing for. It's been on her wish list for 3 years (Source: Instagram)


What has been your biggest learning curve in gardening?

Biggest learning curve has been what all the succulents like in different seasons. A lot of the time it is suggested to water them more in summer, however watering in Queensland summer can make the plants prone to rot, so I actually water more in winter. Winter is my succulents growing season.


Echeveria Lilac SpoonEcheveria Topsy-Debbie or Lilac Spoons (Source: Instagram)


If you found $100 outside a succulent nursery, what would you spend it on?

This is a very hard question. Off the top of my head I think of owning Echeveria Culibra and Echeveria Champagne (any of the champagnes).

Crassula PagodaCrassula Pagoda (Source: Instagram)


Do you sell your succulents or just swap?

I occasionally sell and trade to feed my passion for plants. I like to trade but sometimes other collections aren't where mine are at and vice versa, so sometimes I sell to purchase more plants.

 PeperomiaCoin Leaf Peperomia or Peperomia Polybotrya (Source: Instagram)


Thank you Emma for your time. Follow Emma on Instagram @mysuccylife to see her plant collection and her latest post.

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