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Five Minutes with Weekend Gardener

This week we interviewed a passionate gardener, Juvy from Brisbane. She's an all rounder plant grower: herbs, fruits, orchids, annuals/perrenials and succulents/cacti. I asked her a few quick questions and this is what she had to say...

Looks like your garden is huge! How big is it & When did you start gardening?

My garden is slightly bigger than most gardeners, nearly an acre of raised beds with mixed plants, my borders are mainly rocks which I did the concreting myself ( mixing the concrete in a wheelbarrow, bit by bit . Since I was a kid I was always interested in gardening influenced by my grandparents . When we bought this land and built our home, I started planting fruit trees and Australian natives , when my kids got bigger I enlarged my garden and I planted more flowers and succulents.

Juvy's garden
Part of Juvy's garden (Source: Instagram)


You grow many different types of plants. How do you schedule maintenance e.g. pesticides and fertilizer etc

I mainly garden on weekends as I work full-time.  I don't spray a lot and try to avoid it for health reasons. I used organic fertiliser but not a lot as my garden beds are  rich in organic matter. I believe that preparation is the key to successful gardening.

Low maintenance Zinnia
Zinnia is a fast grower and low maintenance and a great way to add a riot of color to your garden or in pots , blooms all summer and disease resistant provided planted on sunny position . Growing zinnias from seed is the best. When flowers dried up, that's full of seeds , you can either collect them or just sprinkle them in your garden and they grow so easily (Source: Instagram).


Out of all the plants in the garden, what’s your favourite and why?

Succulents and roses are my absolute favourite though I really like all plants. Succulents are fun!

Roses is one of the hardest plant to grow as they get diseases and needed a chemical spray for insect and fungus disease (Source: Instagram).


You claim that you don’t need to buy succulents as you can propagate them yourself. Are you you ever tempted to add more to your collection?

Oh that's right I got so many succulents but it's hard to resist when I visit nurseries. So I am adding plants all the time! I'd rather go shopping for plants than bag /clothes and shoes.

Wheelbarrow of succulents
Wheelbarrow makes an awesome planter. Juvy used succulent mix, propagating sand and perlite to avoid rot in my succulents . In gardening , preparation is everything. Hanging jade and donkey tails on the side is also very effective (Source: Instagram).


When you mix cactus and flowers, how do you control the watering?

I mainly mix the tough or drought resistant plants like Dahlias, Zinnias, Torenia , I plant them first, get them established then I add the succulent cuttings. I also choose the tougher succulents  and I mainly water on the weekend anyway except my veggies.

Mixing succulents with other type of plants
Dahlias loves sunny position, same as the marygolds , geraniums and the flapjacks (Source: Instagram)


You grow a lot of veggies. Do you still buy produce from Coles/ Woolies?

Yes, I still occasionally buy a few veggies that are not in season . But we mainly eat from our garden as much as possible. Definitely no buying of herbs though , always have them in my garden.

Fresh tomatoes from Juvy's garden
Juvy uses organic fertilizer for roses, vegetables, flowers and fruit trees (not for succulents and orchids). Source: Instagram

Juvy also occasionally sells her excess succulents and makes succulent arrangements. Follow her instagram @weekend_gardener to find out more. 

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    Juvy is the gardening queen & so inspiring. Her gardens & plants are so healthy. A great interview Jules

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    It was a good interview Jules….More to come:)

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