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Five Minutes With Kylie Staltari

This week, I'll take you to South Australia. Kylie Staltari is an experienced succulent collector. Where she lives, Winter is not a problem. In fact, she gets few frosty mornings. It is the Summers that are a killer. This year, we are experiencing a warm Spring and possibly another crazy summer. So we asked her how she maintains her garden and coping in the upcoming season. This is what she had to say: When did you start collecting succulents and what was your first succulent? I started collecting 5 years ago. My first succulent was Aeonium Kiwi.  You have a big collection. How do you manage to care for all of them?  I no longer am able to work anymore due to a...

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Five Minutes With Succulent Love Story

This week we are catching up with a collector from Victoria. I have been following Kelvin on Instagram and he goes by the name of Succulent Love Story. His real name is  Kelvin Liew He has been collecting and swapping succulents for over 5 years. We asked him a few questions to find out more about growing succulents in Melbourne. And in between those questions, I'll throw in some pictures of his drool worthy plant collection. Here's what he had to say..

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Five Minutes With Derya Önol

A while ago, when my Crassula Barklyii was missing a core, I posted it on Instagram to ask everyone for their opinion. Later that day I found out that a caterpillar had munched the mother plant. On that day, Derya reached out to me and suggested a pesticide that could help solved the problem. I barely knew her, but she was genuinely concerned with my problem. After a quick chat, I found out that she's been growing succulents for awhile and lives in Sydney. I asked her if I could do a quick interview and here's what she had to say.

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Five Minutes With Kokedama By Jac

Meet Jacqui King, who started making kokedamas for family and friends and then launched her brand. Before she knew it she was making custom orders, selling at markets and running workshops. Last year, she was featured in the Gold Coast Bulletin and @thevintagebrocante  blog. I asked her a few quick questions about making kokedamas and her workshops. Here is what she said.

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