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Get outta my dreams, Get into my shopping cart

Buying Plants Online
It's not exactly Billy Ocean's version of "Get outta my dreams, Get into my car", but in the world of social media such as Instagram and Pinterest, it's hard to keep up with the Joneses.

In the past, I've bought plants online from ebay, facebook, or instagram. I think online shopping for plants is worth trying. This is my personal experience from buying plants online:


  1. Convenience (obviously...)
  2. Look up Pinterest or Instagram, then google search. You may find exactly what you're looking for.
  3. Potential to score a bargain


  1. May turn up smaller than you expect.
  2. Delay in transit.
  3. Relying on the seller to pick the best specimen for you.

Bonus free plants means free shipping
Establish a relationship with your seller. They might give you free plants as  a bonus, that way it compensates for the shipping cost.

Bare root
Plant mails comes in bare root, meaning no soil because Australia Post prohibits anyone to ship soil.

Scoring a bargain from eBay

You could check the sold price of the plant you want to buy before you put your bid. If the bidding ends during working hours, you may have less competition. You just have to make sure that you can run to the toilet to slide in your last minute bid.


Echeveria Romeo bought online from eBay
I missed out on a bidding for this Echeveria Romeo, but two days later the seller accepted my offer after the winner decided to bail.


As real as it gets
I've come across some sellers who use other people's picture perfect succulent photos, to sell their plants. There's nothing wrong here, but I personally prefer that the sellers take a photo of the actual plant, the one that they are going to send you, using their mobile phones. No photoshop or filter.

Sometimes you get lucky
This is a true story and only happened once. A few years ago, we were intending to bid for a camera lens that is normally going for $2300. When it was closing to the end of the bidding, the eBay website froze. Luckily we were the last person to bid and our bid was the highest at the time.

We had no idea what was happening. We checked on every browser and we couldn't put anymore bids. After the bidding ended, we were told that we had won the lens for $1700.  That's a saving of $500! We were lucky that we didn't choose to slide a last minute bid.

It's very rare that this happens, but at the end of the day if it's meant to be yours, it will be yours no matter what happens. If you miss out on a bidding, there's always the next one or you might get a second chance offer.


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